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Stan Rosenthal

Stan and his wife, Marlene, as Jewish Christians, yielded their lives to God's call into the ministry while enjoying a successful business career in New York City. Stan attended the Biblical University of Philadelphia where he earned his degree while he received a comprehensive formal Bible education.
Stan's ministries have included serving as a pastor and directing several different mission organizations through his many years of service for the Lord Jesus, the Christ. He has written numerous Biblical articles, pamphlets, and the book, One God or Three?: Excploring the Tri-unity of God in the Old Testament. He has enjoyed an extensive speaking ministry around the country and abroad and has led 40 Biblical teaching tours to Israel.
The Rosenthals have recently established Prepare for Messiah's Coming, a new ministry focusing on the urgency of the prophetic hour we live in. They share the Gospel with both Jews and Gentiles and seek to motivate the Church to recognize that we are living in the season of Christ's return.
The Rosenthals have been blessed with three children and six grandchildren.