Our Mission

We exist to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel to the world and developing believers into fully-functioning followers of Christ.

We seek to accomplish this by Evangelizing for Salvation (Acts 1:8), Encouraging for Faithfulness (Hebrews 10:25), Educating for Maturity (Matthew 28:19-20), and Equipping for Service (Ephesians 4:11-12).

We hope to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ and membership in His family, disciple them to Christlike maturity, equip them for their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world, in order to magnify God’s name.

The message we declare to young and old alike is based upon a literal, grammatical, contextual, and historical interpretation of the entire Bible. We proclaim the truths of the Bible, being confident that God is glorified and man’s needs are met when His truths are presented and obeyed.

It is our purpose to meet frequently for Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Ministry, and Evangelism. Each of these five areas is designed to provide a distinct, divine option to the world’s approach to living, starting within the church and extending to society at large. 
Worship - Expressing to God, through any song, spoken word, physical expression and financial stewardship, the esteem that He deserves and His people hold for Him. (I Chronicles 16:29; John 4:23-24)
Discipleship - Promotes learning among God’s people and, through faith, a response of obedience to the Scriptures. Since each member of the body has received from the Holy Spirit a spiritual gift(s), which he/she is to discover and develop, it is the goal of Liberty Baptist Church to see that these spiritual gifts are recognized and exercised, contributing to the life of the body. (Ephesians 4:11-16)
Fellowship - The interpersonal caring and sharing of God’s people one to another as an outgrowth of their fellowship with God for the purpose of exhortation and encouragement in the faith. (Psalms 133:1; John 13:35; Hebrews 10:24-25)
Ministry - Demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus. That they, by his love expressed through us, might be reconciled to God. (Mathew 20:28; John 13:34-35; II Corinthians 5:18)
Evangelism - Our great privilege as ambassadors for Christ is to reach out to the world with the good news of Jesus Christ, sharing with them His reconciliatory and redemptive love and the abundant life they may enjoy through faith in His finished work at Calvary. (Matthew 28:19-20; II Corinthians 5:20-21)