Bible Fellowship Groups

At Liberty Baptist Church, it is our desire for everyone to be a part of a Bible Fellowship Group.  Each Sunday at 9:30am, different groups meet at the church for fellowship around God’s Word.  These groups provide an opportunity for those who have questions about a relationship with Christ as well as those who desire to grow in their faith.  There are exciting groups designed for all ages.

Ages 0-2  -  Susie Medlin, Cami Swetnam, and Lori Watt, Directors
Ages 3-4  -  Mrs. Nita Drage and Mrs. Alexandra Drage, Teachers
Ages 5-2nd Grade  -  Mrs. Jenn Watt, Teacher
3rd-5th Grade  -  Mr. Gary Rivera, Teacher
6th-12th Grade  -  Pastor Mike Watt, Teacher
Adults  -  Mr. Duane Watt, Teacher

For additional information, contact the church office.